Atlanta Georgia Business Security Camera Surveillance Atlanta Georgia

atlanta security audio warning speakerIntegrated CCTV systems can provide so much more than video archives of what has transpired.  Our integrated systems can incorporate Recorded Audio either as a deterrent or even as a marketing tool. We can program any camera to cause a broadcast audio recording on any scheduled event that occurs within any area designated by you.

Read more to hear how it can work as a security deterrent or a targeted marketing tool.


Audio Deterrent - Our audio warning integration allows for scheduled times during which an audible recorded warning will sound over speakers notifying the trespasser that they are in a restricted area and that they are to leave the area or the authorities will be dispatched.  This message is fully programmable with multiple allowable recorded messages being stored in your system.

Marketing - This targeted audio delivery system can be utilized to inform a customer of a specific product in your store when they cross a specific line.  Perhaps you desire to highlight a product on an endcap or simply wish to welcome each client entering you facility with an audible welcome message.

In any case, we can deliver your message whenever, wherever and however you desire it delivered.